The Brand & Philosophy
RAD by RADGANG is a clothing brand built on by Jovei Blink, a fashion expertise who graduated in duo award in Fashion Design & Music and Media Productions. He have been around in fashion, photography and advertising industry for more than 15 years and counting. This is a basic starting stage of the brand as Jovei is very fascinated by the huge Street-wear culture. And how fashion changes in the mass market nowadays.
RRG - RAD by RADGANG is an extensive brand from its sake independent company, RAD Model Management which represents teenage male models in Jovei's own vision by his experience in the field and brings them to the international level and works with the prestigious brands such as Off-White, Prada, Berluti, Marni, Ann Demeulemeester and many more to name. Jovei always call his army of male models as "radgang".
At the very beginning, Jovei had the idea of creating a numerous of graphics and print tees for his own models as a little gift; so they can wear something rad during Fashion Week in Paris, Milan and London. He started making post on his Instagram stories and share his joy of designing some cool tees for his boys. Surprisingly, he received some really great reaction from people even those who are not represented by his model management nor a model. This clicked Jovei to build it as a clothing brand as a side business and would love to turns "RAD" infuse into a culture for teenagers.
Jovei spent quite a good amount of time in Copenhagen, Denmark in the past years. And the bolt but effortless street-fashion has shocked him. How cool nowadays teenagers enjoying fashion; the mix of luxurious fashion and street-wear is boiling hot in Denmark. Cool teenagers walking around town, how fascinating just by observing them walking up and down the main shopping street - Strøget.
Need no explanation the idea of the brand name RAD made it obvious. Jovei thought of who he is at this stage of his life is all shapes by the inspiring teenagers work around him. Humbly, he always think who he is today shouldn't take all credit by himself even though he does work extremely-hard to build his management business. One thing always stick to his brain till today, "Its Never Me, Its Always Us." which RADGANG kicks in for the branding.
RRG is a brand taken inspiration on reflects culture. Full of teen-spirits, fun elements and interesting messages, and turned them into lucrative, independent business that targets teenagers as its fans. But of course, he's always going to be rad.